Nixon Law Group represents clients in the healthcare industry exclusively. Our clients can trust that we understand their business as well as the relationships they have with their patients, customers, employees, patients, vendors, and regulators. We believe it is important to be able to “speak the language” of health care, and we are committed to our fluency.

Nixon Law Group takes a different approach to the practice of law--one that is pragmatic, targeted, and cost-effective. We provide deep expertise and the highest quality services to our clients. Our fees are lower than large law firms' because we use smart technology to reduce our overhead and manage our practice efficiently. Our clients have 24/7 access to their documents via our secure client portal, and while we are happy to meet in person with clients, we also know that video conferences and conference calls are often the best way to accommodate our clients' busy schedules.

At NLG, we are laser focused on the future. The health care industry is rapidly changing, and we believe it is our responsibility to ensure our clients are ready to take advantage of the opportunities available. We know that if you’re not constantly learning in health care, you’re already behind. So, we make sure our clients are up to date with the latest developments in health law, policy, and technology. We are thought leaders in the industry, and are frequently asked to write or speak about the future of health care.

We also know that our clients may need non-legal support as they grow and thrive. Nixon Law Group is proud to be a founding members of Healthcare Solutions Connection, a network of experienced experts – both attorney and non-attorney – in the healthcare industry who provide targeted and highly integrated service solutions to clients nationwide.  Our relationship with HSC allows us to serve our own clients in a more comprehensive manner.