Niyot Medical Centre #NMC  has pride in the quality medical care it provides its customers
#NMC provides full medical services for life long care.
We believe your health should be managed by NMC and where necessary refer you to specialist
Family Planning, Minor Operations, Sexual Health Services, Well Baby Clinic, Flu Clinics, Well Person Check, Asthma Clinic, Diabetic Clinic, Antenatal Clinic, Immunisations, Vaccination, Doctors, Counselling, General Practitioners, Smoking Cessation
P for Professionalism, how we conduct ourselves and our business
R for Respect for our patients, families, ourselves and each other
I for Integrity, always doing the honest, right thing
D for Diversity, understanding and embracing the diverse beliefs, needs and expectations of our patients, community and employees
E for Excellence, what we strive for in everything we do