Realize Your Dream of Land Ownership

National Land Partners is one of the largest buyers and sellers of recreational and residential land in the U.S, with the goal of making previously unattainable land accessible to everyday Americans.

With the individual homeowner in mind, National Land Partners purchases large tracts of highly desirable, uncompromised land, and develops it into ready-to-build parcels. Our land parcels are always convenient to amenity rich locations, and are within a reasonable drive to major metropolitan areas.

NLP Properties always take advantage of the natural beauty of the land, and are often on the banks of wide rivers and beautiful lakes.  We focus on communities where pre-market studies have shown a demand for our product, and work closely with those communities throughout the development process.

Our pricing is always aggressive, which adds to both our success, and our customers’ satisfaction.  Many clients come and purchase additional property from us. To further attest to our clients’ satisfaction, more than 30% of our sales comes from owner referrals.

Every parcel of land we bring to market contributes to our stellar reputation of integrity and reliability in land development.  Our ultimate goal is to make great property available to everyday people, without ever compromising the beauty and natural assets of the land.