Emmanuel Segui, owner of Opportunity to Grow LLC, is Neuro-Linguistic, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Neuro-Semantics Master practitioner. His goal is to help people achieve their potential and reach their goals with the tools of NLP.

This intrepid personal developement and Neuro-linguistic programming master-pratitioner, Emmanuel Segui, quit his home land, France, about 5 years ago to develop well-reviewed products and market them on the Internet.

Most of his guides and products come from his own life experiences. How he went from being super shy and having social phobia to being super confident in his ability to become successful and take charge of his life.

Most of his guides and products guarantee that through NLP (an abbreviation of neuro-linguistic programming) and other neuro-semantics cutting edge techniques, that anyone can reprogram his life and get extreme confidence and very high self-esteem.

This is, according to him, the secret to attract anything you want in life: extreme confidence in yourself, in your abilities and in the universe.

You can find more on his work at