SISCOG is a software company that provides decision support systems for resource planning and management in transportation companies, with special experience in the field of railways.

Founded in 1986, SISCOG uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Operational Research technologies, resulting in state-of-the-art optimisation software.

SISCOG addresses the biggest challenge of companies nowadays - productivity.

The business drivers for increased competitiveness and the more stringent customer demands for punctuality, product flexibility, and network expansion are the main issues for companies who are expected to meet these requirements while cutting operating costs and maximising revenues.

Productivity issues are solved by SISCOG through its resource planning and management products:


These products may either be deployed individually or completely integrated, in a standard or customised way.
By understanding transportation companies’ needs, regardless of their size or complexity, and by speaking their language, SISCOG offers planners and company executives the tools to quickly, effectively, and accurately optimise their resources and daily work.

SISCOG's products have been awarded several times over the years, our latest award being the reputable AAAI - INNOVATIVE APPLICATION AWARD that SISCOG received, for the third time, in 2012, for its optimiser.

For over 26 years now we have made long lasting business relations with some of the major transportation companies in Europe, namely the Norwegian Railways, the Dutch Railways, the Danish Railways (both State and Regional), the Finish Railways, London Underground and Lisbon Metro, among others.

Our clients' satisfaction is our own.