The new world of marketing requires a new type of thinking. A blend of the traditional with a dose of the unconventional. Add the infusion of technology, and you have a dynamic new way to build your brand, create awareness, and drive sales.

Welcome to the two prongs of marketing, where the brand-experiential-emotional side of marketing meets the analytical-qualitative-technological side. Everything we do is founded on understanding our clients’ businesses, markets, and customers.

We take what works, eliminate what doesn’t, and keep our eyes on what is possible.

NICHE MARKETING STRATEGIES, LLC uses every possible outlet to get the word out about your brand. From Social Media to Print Design, we pave the way for your brand to stand out in a niche all its own.

Web Development and Design
We specialize in creating unique and catchy web design regardless of the topic. We build our websites to be reliable and consumer friendly. Our goal is to create a website that is completely operational and easy for you to manage and update your convenience. We provide you with an easy to use interface that allows you to have creative control over your website.

Print Design
We recognize the importance of physical design along with digital design and we are masters at the crossover. We can take your unique brand’s logo, name, or even color scheme and turn it into one of kind print designs. Regardless of your product or service, we can make all of your print design stand out in your niche market.

Brand Development
Got an idea you want to share with the world but have no idea where to start? Fear no more, Niche Marketing can help you develop your brand and create a name for your business that will resonate in your market. Our focus is you and your ideas. We pay attention to your vision for your business and we turn it a brand that represents that vision.

Communication is what makes every business what it is. Even if your business is exclusive to a specific niche it can be a struggle to effectively communicate your brand to your audience. Our communication strategy is less political campaign (i.e. oversaturation of inboxes with emails no one reads) and more steady and consistent. We provide you with valuable advertising that puts you in the driver’s seat with your audience.

Social Media
Niche Marketing introduces your brand to the social media gravy train by connecting you with every outlet possible. From Facebook to FourSquare, we put your brand at the forefront of every major social media site on the Internet.

Search Engine Optimization
We use the best search engine optimization tools to help the world find you and your brand.


A team has been cultivated with both freelancers and partners who are experts in their fields working together to provide our clients with innovative marketing solutions.

PERSONAL TOUCH – You’ll be working with a select, very carefully chosen team whose raison d’ etre is to get the job done.

KNOW OUR CLIENT – The team that pitches a piece of new business to you is the team that you’ll be working with when you become a client.

WELL CONNECTED – A necessity, because the world is changing so quickly. At a boutique agency, your team is always very flexible, nimble, and in the know.