Nobel Systems provide GIS Cloud Solutions to public and private water utilities and companies. Nobel Systems looks forward to engaging with peers, forging partnerships, and contributing to the collective efforts in ensuring clean and safe water for all.

Manage and Analyze Field Operations in Real Time
Managing many stand-alone systems is hard. Paper-based systems are cumbersome, work-intensive, often unorganized, and inefficient.
GeoViewer Online unifies these areas of your operations, from managing work orders, maintaining assets, reducing costs, tracking inventory, and customer billing. It’s an all-in-one solution allowing managers to oversee all areas of your organization through one app.

GIS Centric
GeoViewer’s Map based interface brings GIS data into focus, allowing you to utilize the data that you already have, while allowing you to edit, add information to, and analyze. You can also see historical information as well as Built and CAD Drawings tied to the location, asset, or work order.

IoT Integrated
GeoViewer Online integrates with Nobel Systems Connected pressure and water quality monitoring devices, where you can manage pressure and water quality IoT immediately, if there are any changes, GeoViewer notifies you.

Analyze and Report Data
The analysis is a key piece to the power of GeoViewer. Maintenance BI and GIS Reporting not only allow you to break down your results to the granular level. Manage daily work or analyze events over time with a Heat Map, providing a visualization tool to analyze problem areas.

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