Noble Care Malaysia is a welfare and humanity services initiative to aid the deserving members of our community. We have now began our services in support of social responsibility program Government of Malaysia.
Treatments and rehabilitation plans for the old and sick are often so expensive and of a really lengthy duration that even a middle class family can't afford to pay and to continue.
Our major focus is to support such old people with extreme and multiple disabilities, who need special treatment and experienced services.
We have established six model centers and in near future as an expansion plan we are looking at other cities and small towns to open one hundred new centers.
We are providing a holistic care and quality services to the old and ailing community members. We provide independent living, assisted living and total nursing care.
We take care of normal old folks and people with severe illness, like stroke, coma, on tube feeding, catheters, tracheostomy tube, Gastrostomies, with colostomy bags and people with terminal illness like cancer etc.

We are here to provide holistic care and quality services still cost to cost with minimum margins of profit to be sustainable. Fifty percent of our services are subsidized to cater the needs of poor, deserving and non-affording members. We have a dream to attend all those old folks who are un attended at their homes.

Our vision is to be a pioneer in geriatric care and retirement housing industry in Asia giving old folks a healthy, happy and cheerful living.
To provide comfort, assistance and focused health care for senior citizens to make them live this part of their life with respect, dignity and peace of mind.

Noble Care Model for the old folks is designed to ensure that when a citizen enters the retirement age, have a guarantee that he or she will live peacefully, secure, enjoying life, well attended without being a burden on the family or the government.
This model is flexible to fit in the aspirations, traditions, sociocultural and religious faith and beliefs.

This Pilot Project is an innovative model designed and operated by highly qualified devoted team of experts and consultants having more than 20 years of practical experience in welfare, hospitality ,medical care and rehabilitation sectors.
We have served thousands of deserving families, handicapped, old folks and bed ridden patients with coma, stroke, amputations and cancers. We serve our clients with love and passion.
We are proud to be a part of organizations and departments of Government of Malaysia. Performing our humanity services and social responsibility we are giving our services to health, education, preventive health, rehabilitation and social welfare departments.
Now we are operating six centers, in the next five years we have planned to extend our services in all districts of Malaysia in the cities as well as in remote rural areas achieving our target to develop hundred branches in Malaysia.
We wish to serve the Deserving Malaysian communities with devotion, dedication and a lifetime commitments. We need your supervision support and guidance at all levels.
The care and concern shown by Noble care and the services delivered are unmatchable and not available except at Noble Care Centers.