NOC has helped tens of thousands of clients from all over the world have access to high quality and affordable total hip and knee replacements. Prices are up to 60% less than the same procedure in the United States, and this is with the all-inclusive price of all travel and accommodations as well.

Medical tourism, (travel to Berlin Germany for healthcare) is becoming increasingly appealing to patients who are either unable to find the treatments they need and want at home or are subjected to unreasonable waiting times to receive desired services.

NOC ORTHO removes confusion, anxiety, and surprise from the process of planning and making your health care trip. All Hip and knee replacement procedures are provided at certified healthcare facilities by expert physicians in Berlin Germany.

NOC ORTHO offers the medical tourist, an all-inclusive service including  Pre- Operative, professional orthopedic surgery, post-operative recovery as well as recreational therapy packaged with all your travel cost flights hotels and private drivers.