Noccela is a Finnish technology company which was founded in 2014. We offer the most innovative and efficient solution on the market for anti-theft, sales promotion and comprehensive indoor positioning purposes. The service is based on real-time, extremely accurate indoor positioning technology which is based on UWB technology. Our customers include both Finnish and international companies, we currently operate in five different countries, including USA. Our technology represents Finnish innovation at its best, and it is unique to its market.

Different kinds of solutions can be built around our technology. Using the life changing UWB-based RTLS technology from Noccela, we have created a unique line of products to bring efficiency to retail operations. We have several showcases and references of our solution, and the technology has been proven and used for years as an exceptional tool in the retail world. Unlike any other product in the world, Noccela offers a 3 in 1 solution for boosting sales, loss prevention and providing insightful data. All three features in one solution!