Nochex is the UK's leading independent provider of online payment services, and has been helping people and businesses to get paid since 2001. We help you to accept payments using credit and debit cards.

We work closely with our account holders to make sure that their websites are optimised to accept payments. Appreciating that small and start-up businesses may struggle for cashflow, we have structured our charges to reduce their impact.

We do not apply monthly or annual fees and we charge on a pay-as-you-go basis so that you are only charged for our service when you have received a payment. If you not sell anything you do not pay anything.

Our primary service is online payments, but we also support telephone payments, recurring payments, electronic invoice payments, and market-manager payments (for people who run their own online marketplaces or auction websites).

We provide a highly accessible level of service, with an individual account manager available to support each account. Integrating Nochex into most websites is very simple with a wide range of shopping carts supported.

We have integration guides for more than different shopping carts and we support merchants with an integration team to help account holders to accept payments as quickly as possible.

Based in Leeds, on the university campus, we develop ingenious solutions to help businesses grow and develop.