The NOCQUA 2000 is a unique watersport accessory that can attach to any stand up paddleboard, kayak or canoe. The flexible and adjustable lighting system is available as a package with everything you need to start exploring the water at night. The system includes two waterproof LED lighting tracks, an adjustable harness, a 12V lithium ion rechargeable battery pack and battery charger. The durable underwater lights are easily attachable and removable, utilizing two adjustable straps. The easy-to-assemble kit takes minimal time to attach to a board, and can be attached and removed to take your paddling experiences from day to night.
The durable waterproof lights are attached to the underside of the board using an adjustable harness system. The proprietary harness system holds the lights securely to the board to ensure minimal drag, and includes sliding buckles to fit boards of any shape and size. The lights produce more than 2,000 lumens of brilliant white light, and are connected to the power source with a “Y” connector, allowing both lights to use power from one battery.