After receiving wide acclaim for their first book, authors Noe Torres and Ruben Uriarte followed up with another astronishing UFO story told in The Other Roswell. Revealed in its entirety for the first time is eyewitness testimony that is every bit as riveting as the story of the 1947 crash of a UFO near Roswell, New Mexico. On a clear spring day in 1955, Air Force reservist Robert B. Willingham was piloting an F-86 fighter jet across West Texas when an object as bright as a star streaked past his aircraft going over 2,000 miles per hour and then executed a flawless 90-degree turn. After pursuing the UFO in his jet, the decorated World War II and Korean War veteran watched in awe as the mysterious object suddenly plunged to the Earth near Del Rio, Texas, along the Texas-Mexico border. Shortly afterward, he visited the crash site and found a silver, metallic UFO impacted into the side of a sandy hill. Walking across the huge debris field created by the impact of the object, he picked up and took with him a piece of metal that later proved to be totally unknown to human science. It was then that the trouble started for Willingham. Forced to keep quiet for many years, he has finally stepped forward to reveal one of the most compelling UFO stories ever told. More at

The Other Roswell