It is not unusual for my films to come out of my personal experience. A crucial component for me is to address what it is to be living at a certain moment in history. The Andre Show is the story of a young boy with AIDS my husband and I adopted shortly before he died during this global medical epidemic. 71 West Broadway: Ground Zero, NY is the street address of our loft located about 2 blocks north of the World Trade Cente r. I began filming that story from our doorstep during the terrorist attacks . The film follows the impact on us as well as the immigrant small busin essandras owners on our block as we all struggled to move back home after the evacuation of the ‘Red Zone.’ Invisible Revolution captured a revealing interview with a young racist, Ben Smith, just 2 weeks prior to the d eadly shooting rampage he went on in Indiana and Illinois before shooting himself. Among the stolen lives was the much beloved Ricky Birdsong, the former Northwest University basketball coach.

My documentaries have been broadcast internationally, and screened at major festivals including; HBO, PBS The Sundance Channel,The Sundance Film Festival, Human Rights Watch, Museum of Modern Art, Brooklyn Museum of Art,The Walker Art Center, The Warhol Museum, The Kitchen. 71 West Broadway: Ground Zero, New York, NY was selected as part of the memorial presentation at the Library of Congress, which has included it in the national 9/11 film archive. Portions of Invisible Revolution, were featured on ABC's 20/20, Dateline, and HBO specials on domestic terrorism.