This is the website to talk about the harmful effects of smoking.The article briefly tell the great influence of smoking on community health and the environment.
All of them are harmful effects of smoking to people. From 1950 to now, alone in the developed countries, tobacco kills more than sixty million people. Each year the world’s estimated 4 million people die from diseases caused by tobacco, which each eight seconds had 1. If current momentum smoke still remain, in the first two decades of the 21st century will have to more than 100 million people will die from diseases caused by tobacco. Vietnam currently has relatively high rates of smoking, especially among men. This leads to a risk of morbidity and mortality is high not only in men who smoke but also the women in the family and in society being forced to inhale the smoke of smokers. Smoking is a health problem of people, both smokers and non-smokers.
In short, though tobacco is a common product contained in it know how dangerous, not only affects the health, economic smokers themselves but also of their families and society. Break with cigarettes just to eliminate the harm that is both meaningful educations for the younger generation. The harmful effects of smoking always happen if we do not have the solution for it.