At Noonmark, we open up the wonderful world of earlier artisans to you. Maybe you're inspired by how an object will fit with your modern home. Or maybe you're an experienced collector. We welcome you as our friends and clients.

You might find our sense of style a bit unique. That's because we're just thrilled with this world of American folk art. How it fits so well with modern design. Yet how it helps bring a sense of comfort from a simple, hard-working past era. Consider the story behind each piece--there's one there. Or the unintended survival of these pieces. Or the amazing craftsmanship and skill exhibited by the artisans.

We are constantly scouring the market for just the right pieces that capture our eye, remain in great condition and hold a lasting value for you. We prize our team of superb conservators. They help us bring each piece to you in the very best condition. They practice the latest in state-of-the-art minimal conservation techniques.

We also offer you the following services:
Wish List
Let us know about something you're seriously seeking. We'll work within your price range and conduct an extensive search.
Conservation Services
Do you have a piece of art, furniture or textile that might benefit from careful conservation? Get in touch with us and perhaps we can help.
Framing Services
If you have a painting, sampler, watercolor or other valuable antique artwork needing a more appropriate frame, we can help. We have access to original period frames that may be just what your piece needs. If appropriate, excellent reproduction frames can be the right choice as well.
Placement Services
If you have the kind of treasures that we feature, we can help you sell your object. We take consignments and help you realize the best combination of price and speed, depending on your requirements.
In addition to our online store, you will find us live at several of the best antiques and art shows in the Northeast. See our calendar.

Our Guarantee
We want you to be completely satisfied. Period. See ourguarantee.

Noonmark Antiques is based on trust and integrity. We look forward to a lasting relationship with you.

Lisa and Charlie Hammell
Moorestown, New Jersey