Underground disaster shelters for 4 to 400 troops/people designed by the engineer who wrote the book on using underground shelters to provide protection from nuclear fallout radiation. NORAD shelters are specifically designed to protect occupants from nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC) and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks; as well as natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, cyclones, monsoons, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and wildfires. Our Mission Essential Equipment (MEE) is shielded in MIL-STD-188-125. The internal generators and air filters produce many times more cubic feet of fresh air than is required. The air manifold and shelter hatches are extremely low profile and aerodynamically designed. Our Homeland Defense department supplies underground protection to individual homeowners and association members.  Our Continuity department supplies protection to large groups such as schools, corporations and governments. To learn more visit noradshelters.com or call our sales department for a no-obligation consultation.