Nordic Filmworks is a full-service video production company in Edmonton, specializing in the highest standards of creativity & technology to maximize the vision of our clients.

We create, develop, shoot, direct, edit, and deliver incredible commercials, documentaries, feature films, and commercial video for television, theatre & large formats, mobile and web.

Our production facilities are based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, while we offer full production services to Canada, United States, and beyond.

Our state-of-the-art production facility services filmmakers and photographers within Alberta's metropolitan cities: Edmonton and Calgary. Our main soundstage features a full production control room, 3d camera motion tracking points, curved cyclorama green screen walls, & 360° overhead soft lighting with access to client dressing room / "green room" and an acoustically-engineered sound recording suite.

Our control room allows for cost-effective live editing and live keying, while the seamless curved green screen allows for excellent chroma key, allowing traditionally expensive green screen production to be more cost affordable and obtainable for more productions.