Award-winning bluesy artist with a siren’s voice, eclectic creator, Norine Braun expresses universal themes and paints refreshing and meaningful musical landscapes. Norine Braun takes the "Blues" to new heights and to a degree, redefines the genre. A relentless live performer with a nine album discography, who is full of nourishing aural surprises, with a 10th masterpiece on the horizon.
Always true to herself and to those that embrace her work, Braun rides the crest of the wave of non-commercial stylists, delivering grit and sensitivity in one deep breath. Often compared to some of music's groundbreaking pioneers, Norine Braun is a unique gem, a diamond in the rough that captures the essence of: Joni Mitchell, KD Lang, Bonnie Raitt, Patti Smith and Nick Cave, which blossoms into a synergistic melting pot, that can only be defined as her own.
“A lush velvety vocal presence, full of imagination and reminiscent of a raging waterfall, in the depths of an old growth forest.”  Don Coleman (A/R Group International)

- Canada Council For the Arts Award 2014
- Winner Female Singer-songwriter of the year Jazz category for Crystallize 16th Annual Los Angeles Independent International Music Awards
- Artists For Literacy International Songwriting Competition, Songs Inspired by Literature Winner for song Conformity 451