Our mission is to help you increase performance levels and create strategies for sustained growth. By providing individuals with Norquest’s programs and solutions, they are able to achieve their own full potential, thus creating success for themselves, and/or success for the whole organization. In other words

Norquest Associates is an authorized distributor for:

   * Vital Learning Company –  Located in Omaha, Nebraska, Vital Learning Corporation is an international provider of employee development programs. Millions of learners have improved their business skills and effectiveness thanks to Vital Learning training solutions. Product lines include supervisory/management, sales, customer service, and productivity – all designed to deliver business results to organizations of all sizes using both online and classroom methodology.
   * Inscape Publishing Company – an International publisher committed to high quality in the development of training materials.
   * Performance Support Solutions – publisher of the leading 360 degree feedback program 20/20 Insight Gold.

Norquest Associates Inc.For almost 20 years, individual entrepreneurs and organizational employees have used Norquest’s training solutions to enhance the performance and productivity of a broad range of individual leaders and employees – from entry level to senior management to high performing individual entrepreneurs.

Our focus is on the core skills that really matter, and the training methods that really work. Participants see the relevance of the training, rapidly acquire the skills, and quickly put them to use in their lives and/or on the job.Norquest’s award winning offerings include coaching, online, self directed and blended Learning Programs.

In 2009, Norquest Associates was nominated for an Outstanding Business Achievement Award by the local Chamber of Commerce.

Bill and Doreen Blake hav over 40 years of experience in organizational leadership, in both the public and private sectors. From this experience he believes that the effectiveness of the organization is maximized by developing the personal potential of each individual to the highest level possible - to achieve PEAK performance.