Norstar Magnetics Ltd supply a host of various magnetic health care products to a wide range of users.. Our products are:

* Safe and effective on humans and animals
* Drug free, non-invasive and painless
* Affordable, reuseable and free from side effects
* Accepted and used by doctors and clinics worldwide
* Used by top professional athletes and their physiotherapists

Norstar Magnetics was formed in 2007 and became a limited company in 2011. From 2000 we sold Norstar products under a different name so we know the trust our customers have in our goods.

Norstar became synonymous with quality and value following a successful two years on the shopping channel Ideal World. It was only when new regulations came to TV, that complementary medicine was silenced. Before that happened,on Ideal World alone, they had successfully sold over 200,000 items to valued customers on the Magnet Therapy show often hosted by the late charismatic Steve Whatley.

They used the products for arthritis, joint pain, migraine, back ache, sports injuries and many other types of pain caused by wear and tear or accidents.Over the course of nearly 3 years, each and every item on Ideal World, carried a money back guarantee. You kept them, because they worked.

Ordering with us is easy. Just pick up a phone and place your order. We accept all major payment cards. If you prefer online ordering we have a comprehensive shop attached to our website. We hope your shopping experience with us is an enjoyable one.