Everyone needs a Pharmacist

Do you have an actual Pharmacist? With so many incredible breakthroughs in medicine, combined with so many stories of healthcare and drug interactions gone wrong, your Pharmacist needs to be your friend.
Breakthrough Medical Care

Anthony Pharmacy and Wellness Center is more than just a leading edge discount Pharmacy. We are Pharmacists & Physicians who work together to offer leading edge medical therapies.
The Discount Price Leader

We use our knowledge and experience to save you money and time. It’s safe to say that your current “chain store” pharmacy must maximize profits to satisfy the demands of stock holders.
On the Spot Blood Labs and Vitamin D Testing:

We are a fast and affordable place to test important hormone levels, and other levels such as vitamin D, which are indicative of good health. We all hear about the things we should do for good health, North Anthony Pharmacy & Wellness Center is making it so much easier to get it all in one place.
You have an important choice to make

If you want a carton of smokes, a fifth of whiskey, and your meds shot at you through pneumatic tube, stick with CVS or Walgreens. Unlike big chain drug stores, we do not sell liquor, cigarettes, and bubble gum because we sincerely focus on your health and the fruit of our focus is the evidence.
If you want the best access to real care and modern medicine, come to Anthony Pharmacy and Wellness Center,