North Concept's Mission is to facilitate the creation of businesses through the commercialization of technology. We are establishing of the two-way information exchange on the latest technologies, devices and materials in the field of biochemistry, biophysics, medicine, pharmacology, biotechnology, chemistry, energy and IT. We support the commercial contacts and carry out, within our capabilities, technical support, supply of equipment and materials.
Service for Non-Japanese Cuctomers:
  * Global Commerce
     Representative the new and perspective Non-Japanese products in Japanese market. Also search for a Japanese products and technology for overseas customers.
  * Consulting
     We provide your products to Japanese market via the market research and consulting as well advertising and business dealing.
  * International collaboration
     Support of the collaboration between Japanese and overseas laboratories, institutes and manufactires.
  * Patent Search
     The patent retrieval that could be perspective for Japanese manufactures.
  * IT
     Adaptaion and representative your IT products for Japanese market.

We would like to present a new internet art-shop where could be find very different items for your office or house decoration. There are high quality oil canvas art prints of the greatest Russian and other European artist form more then 40th museums. Various Siberian traditional decorative stuff and spiritual native Siberian shamanic items exist as well.