Your Connection to Direct Response and Retail Sales

Located in Toronto, Canada, Northern Response specializes in the distribution of infomercials, DRTV spots, and retail products. Northern Response is the largest distributor of infomercials in Canada and one of the largest international syndicators of DRTV programming in the world with distribution to over 90 countries. Since 1984, we have handled campaign distribution for over 1,000 infomercials, DRTV spots, print and retail products. Our multi-channel platform includes DRTV Sales, Television Shopping Channels, Print and Catalogue Marketing, Outbound Telemarketing, Database Programs, Online E-Commerce Sales and Retail Sales.

In short - we are a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs. Most importantly, Northern will handle all facets of your marketing, with absolutely no risk to you!

Over the past 20 years, Northern Response has grown to become a world leader in the direct response, home shopping and retail product distribution industry. Today we operate four separate sales divisions:
    ▪     Direct Response Television (DRTV)
    ▪     Internet & Database Marketing
    ▪     Retail Sales
    ▪     International Distribution

With more than 1,000 products distributed and sales to over 90 countries, we've built the established relationships, experienced management, state-of-the-art facilities, and proven track record to ensure the success of any product we distribute. That's why we handle the licensing and distribution for some of the best selling infomercials and DRTV spots on behalf of some of the biggest infomercial and DRTV producers in the world.