We have been a manufacturer of lab equipments, scientific instruments, process analyzers, and infant care systems in chemical, petrochemical, semiconductor, biotech, environmental, and medical industries, universities, and research institutes since 1995. Based on our more than 15 years' experience, we designs & manufacture the most advanced NICU & laboratory equipment in China Mainland. Besides our owned products, we also supply a wide range of high quality lab collections that are made in local place. We are your on-line source of a full range of lab equipment with competitive price & sales support. Our products include infant incubators, infant warmers, UV lights, phototherapy devices, growth chambers, lab equipment, ovens, water bath equipment, magnetic stirrers, biotech lab equipment, orbital shaking incubators, environmental test chambers, and many others. We also accept custom-made orders of lab equipment or OEM orders. We are dedicated to the excellence & innovation of all of our products. We will offer high quality products with competitive price and the best service. Our products will be tested & inspected before delivery. We also provide one year warranty for our products