notTV is a cooperative of conscious content creators, filmmakers, musicians, artists, independent journalists, forward thinkers, revolutionaries, netizens, podcasters and advocates for a peaceful and harmonious, yet industrious and thriving world that supports the sustainability of the environment, Internet economy, humanity and the planet as a complete interconnected ecosystem.

notTV is a cooperative of new media artists and content creators. Together we create a media pool and increase the value of our collective work. The intention behind the notTV community is to create content that focuses on and promotes a better world.

The vision, mission and values of notTV keep us on path to contribute to a better world. Our team has been creating notTV since 2008 and we are excited by the rise of the co-operative movement and all of the possibilities the Internet Economy has to offer.

notTV is a global media cooperative for artists to co-create and share high vibrating media and contribute to the creation of a better world.

NotNow.tv shines light on the global community that contributes to the creation of a better world. It is a media hub, and our current mission is to inform and educate people about the Internet Economy, connect communities through video and prepare for the adoption of Web 3.0.