Dear fellow global citizens,

My name is Ryan Lee, and Iā€™m writing on behalf of Love Giver Fundraising Ltd. regarding our exciting fundraising platform that will offer the most to those in need.

First, I would like to give you a bit of my background and my motive of building this platform. I am a full-time hair stylist and have been one for 9 years. Being a hair stylist at a high-end salon in Vancouver, I have been exposed to some of the richest in the world. Some of my clients wear watches that can feed 10 villages in Africa for a year, not the mention the cars that they drive. Yet ironically, there are still many people dying of famine or war every minute in various parts of our global village. Being aware of this imbalance and appalled by the oblivion, I started to casually chat with my clients to see if there was any awareness of the misfortune that has been going on in this world. Surprisingly, most of them do know, but they do not know how to help. They believe that most charities, especially the established ones, use the funds to pay significant overheads, such as staff salary, advertising and marketing, which is true.  

What we offer, which is different from all the other platforms and charities, is we have almost no overhead cost, making almost 100% of your donation worthwhile. Only 1% goes to the running and maintenance of our platform; most of the other platforms charge 5%. Moreover, being bilingual, we are able to reach a more diverse and untapped Chinese market to help you raise money. Unlike other platforms, we are purely charity-oriented, staying true to our ultimate goal ā€” helping the poor. Also for natural disasters, such as the fire in Fort McMurray, we DO NOT charge any commission.

Therefore, please post your project on www.nothingbutloves.com . We have no deadlines, no goals, and everything we raise counts ā€” which is what true philanthropy should be about. Let us work together to help the unnoticed needy with just one pure intention. Should you have any questions, feel free to email me at info@nothingbutloves.com. Look forward to making a difference in the world together.

Sincerely yours,

Ryan Lee