Online suppliers of taps, sinks and specialist equipment to individuals, the plumbing industry and medical and health markets aiming to raise healthcare standards.

In contrast to standard plumbing fittings and components, the medical industry requires highly specialised plumbing supplies which conform with the standards and requirements of professional practice across respective organisations. 'NotJustTaps' are dedicated to providing the industry with a complete range of specialist plumbing supplies including elbow operated extended level taps, stainless steel 'no overflow hole' sinks, basins and thermostatic taps.

In contrast to the conventional plumbing supplies used in domestic and commercial premises, medical grade plumbing components and fittings are highly specialised for specific purposes. 'NotJustTaps' aims to meet these requirements with a professional, competent and dedicated approach which is delivered with an outstanding level of customer service for every order, regardless of the size, frequency or price.

'NotJustTaps' operates primarily online through the official store. This online service provides customers with the ability to place orders 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for a quick and efficient delivery to anywhere in the United Kingdom. Alternatively, orders can be placed by telephone during business hours for maximum convenience. The company operates from a London area main warehouse which is continuously stocked to ensure the very minimum waiting time for each order despatched.

Recent statistics revealed that 98% of all orders placed with 'NotJustTaps' are dispatched within 24 hours of receipt. As one of the leading specialist plumbing suppliers in the country, 'NotJustTaps' operates with an ethos of providing proven high quality plumbing products with an unrivalled level of personal service.