On January 20, 2023, the Vice Mayor, Department of Trade and Industry Director, Information and Communications Technology Association (ICT) heads, university & college deans and professors, government officials, and heads of national offices witnessed the inauguration of the newly created branch office of Nova Techset Limited in Dumaguete City.

Nova Techset Ltd is a technology-driven service provider offering a full range of editorial and production services to the global publishing community. The company has been in existence for more than three decades delivering Editorial Services, Project Management, Production, and Technology Development for publishers across the globe. Nova Techset has a reputation of providing high-quality service with timely delivery and has developed a robust module-based technology platform to integrate and streamline the editorial and production processes involved in the publishing of STEM, Academic and Trade books and journals.

This new office will enable Nova Techset to utilize the valuable expertise to be found in the Dumaguete area, an area traditionally associated with publishing editorial and production skills, to offer our customers best in class products and editorial services. Dumaguete has also been chosen because it is a university city and the local population has a high level of education and excellent written and spoken English skills. The new site is close to Silliman University and our aim is to have close collaboration between the university and Nova Techset. 

“We are thrilled to launch this new site and offer our customers a better way to experience Nova Techset,” said Yogesh Agarwal MD & CEO of Nova Techset. “We immediately identified with the people in Dumaguete, not only through their language and subject matter skills but also the family values and great attitude that we have in our India offices. We want to grow our footprint in Dumaguete to supply high value services to our clients."

Nova Techset plans to staff the new office with project managers, copyeditors, peer review management and author support services staff, and software developers, during the first year.