Founded by William Novick in 1924 as a purveyor of fresh produce, Novick Brothers has evolved to provide a broad line of products and services for our area's independent institutions, childcare centers, distinctive caterers and fine restaurants alike.

Our specialized knowledge and industry experts will help take your organizational success to the next level by providing answers to questions you may never even have known to ask. Our expertise zeroes in on the unique and specialized needs of childcares and nonprofit institutions, among others. We are experts in food service, preparation, sanitation, storage and menu planning as well as marketing, accreditation, compliance and regulatory issues...and we put this knowledge to work for our clients.

Most recently, we have created the Novick Brothers Family Urban Farm, an educational endeavor designed to provide food for the underprivileged while also making available a unique educational venue for children, teens and educators to teach the value and benefits of agriculture, horticulture, nutrition, sustainability, and community service...all located right in the heart of south Philadelphia!