Internet Information - basic and important
Detailed elaboration or even just a little further , intelligent explanation, is really efficient only possible on the Internet or in printed literature , in newspapers or books. To try to reach public through television or radio is unrealistic, because too expensive. Besides media, even in Germany have to obey strict censorship.

So how to reach individual people?
Its illegal to put up posters to spray graffiti – shure you can reach the passers-by - the people in their immediate environment - but this type of demonstration and information is legally clearly not allowed and punishable.

Whatsever -the basic idea is not too bad. Its about to talk to people outside the mainstream of mass manipulation media. At the point they are not manipulated by TV, by boring placats. Or even by hastily sprayed , usually incomprehensible graffiti information that can convey no information content.Its obviously necessary to find an information carrier in the form of a poster , much like graffiti ,  to be seen in the daily life of the citizens . Not criminal, financed without further efforts. Effective. Precise and flexible. The Frankfurt alternative action scene has discovered such a possibility and put the idea into action . On the sidewalks of the city can be found, illuminated by the sun between the gigantic skyscrapers , Internet addresses , brief information everywhere,. In chalk, white, red , blue.