Newcomb Pennington Brewery has a history dating back to 1629 London when Sir Isaac Pennington became a partner in a local brewery. Sir Pennington become Lord Mayor of London in 1642 and would later be exiled to the Tower of London. Meads, an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey with water, fruits, spices, grains or hops, producing a unique flavor, were extremely popular in the London of Sir Isaac’s time and had a prominent place in the brewery.

Lafayette Newcomb was a pioneer and a rancher with a dedication towards craftsmanship, getting things done right and in his own way. A strong and vital man, Lafayette raised five children passing on his passion for life to his many descendants.

Fast forward 380 years and relocate to Southern California where a descendant of Sir Pennington partners up with a veteran Craft Brewer, an ancestor of Newcomb Lafayette. The charter of Newcomb Pennington Brewery is first and foremost to combine the best of the Old World Meads with New World Craft Beers in a sophisticated, yet relaxing and inviting venue.

The Newcomb Pennington Brewery model is one of quality, profitability and sustainability.  The craft brewing industry is based on consistent quality, flavor, variety and image. These are qualities that Newcomb Pennington incorporates into our business model while closely controlling costs, vendors, municipality relations and just plain listening to our customers.

Our planning and operations take into account environmental sustainability (share one planet), economic sustainability (manufacture a quality product  with an equally good profit) and market sustainability (adapt to market demands and reach greater sales).  These philosophies help reach across the many facets of successfully operating a modern-day craft brewery.

Markets and economies are ever-changing and to sustain our targeted market share Newcomb Pennington has a close eye on public affairs and options, as well as economic trends while responding in a responsible and proactive way.

Newcomb Pennington utilizes the most advanced technologies and equipment to maintain the flavor and quality of our ancient recipes and ingredients.  Another benefit of this integration of advanced technology and ancient recipes is profit. Squeezing every last drop of product out of the least amount of time dictates a consistent profit, as does Just In Time (JIT) deliveries from our vendors and 0% loss due to human error.

The full service demographic we are targeting appreciates an eclectic, yet comfortable and understated décor. To add an interesting splash of color, we plan on featuring the artwork of local artists throughout all service areas of the building. We will also invite the featured artists, using appropriate media, to work onsite to aid in customer retention. Al fresco food service, beer and Mead tasting will be featured on heated, festively lit patios. Live entertainment by local musicians will be featured on the same basis as the featured local artists.

Product branding for craft brewing has become something of an underground art form which contributes to product placement and brand advancement. Newcomb Pennington Brewery embraces this new art form and will utilize creative avenues for the creation of ongoing label and product art.

Equity and or debt opportunities are available to qualified investors. Complete pro forma financial statements and annual forecasts are available upon request.