NPA Industry is specialized in centrifugal casting and static casting of high heat resistant alloy.
Main Products:
1. Reformer / cracker tubes in HK-40, HU, HP-50, micro-alloy HP, More-1 &2, Super therm-super alloy, SUPER22H etc., which are widely used in petroleum & chemical industries including Hydrogen, Methanol, Synthetic Fules, Ammonia, Carbon Monoxide, Ethylene Propylene, Butadiene, and Aromatics reformer/ cracker furnaces
2. Radiant tubes, furnace roller, touch roll, SINK ROLL, Stabilizing roll, Cooled Roll etc. The materials include HK40, More-1, More-2, HU, HP, TAH, Co50, SUPER22H, Cr28Ni48W5, Cr35Ni45Nb+micro alloy etc
3. Lift Out Roller, Annealing Lehr Roller, THC, non-asbestos roller, MDR, engraving roller etc.