A diverse culture designed within a belief system is one of the most powerful tools to create change; NRGeneration has been designed with this in mind every step of the way. Our team consists of like minded, multi-disciplined and highly talented individuals, from all walks of life and educational backgrounds, with the “Solutions Not Excuses” mentality.
    NRGeneration is a organization founded by Social Entrepreneurs dedicated to making sustainability viral. We are a nonprofit marketing, educational, humanitarian and results institution that covers the gambit of green information, products, services and action. The aforementioned concepts have been tried in pieces but never as a whole. We have created an incredibly different organization designed around these concepts with congruency and purpose designed to get results and create change. Our purpose in writing this memorandum is to define our company to individuals, businesses and organizations that have the same vision we do and that want to get behind a very dynamic group of people with the ability to evoke change.