nSite is here to open your social media eyes!

Organizations are seeking to understand corporate social networking, and utilize it to:

   * Attract new customers
   * Attract the brightest graduates, and better engage existing employees
   * Launch a new product
   * Manage their online reputation

What nSite brings to the table is:

   * A deep understanding of communities & web 2.0
   * New Rules of marketing and PR

nSite will bring you ideas and new ways of thinking and doing.  We will enable your team to utilize our expertise in-house.  Ultimately – whether you are measuring cost per acquisition, cost per hire, or brand engagement nSite will show you a great ROI.

nSite creates great strategies + brilliant implementation to reach your goals.

nSite Social Media was founded by Alison Bennett, a 14 year recruiter from the Healthcare, Telecommunications, Data communications, Information Technology industry. As a sourcing recruiter, she was responsible for finding candidates in non-traditional ways.  She utilized social media early on.  Her main goal was to find candidates that were not on every job board and were the leaders in their field. “Social Media allowed me to get a more balanced view of the candidate, both their tangible and intangible skills,” according to CEO Alison Bennett.  Social media has changed the way we recruiters and employers find, evaluate and hire new employees. Not having an online presence can cost them their next job.  It’s time to job in the Job Search Revolution.