One-stop auto care center providing professional car wash, car detailing, car coating, car filming, oil change and repair, auto spray paint services. NTI has consecutively been named as the best car wash and detailing company in Hong Kong by public media.

Our touchless car wash services will give your car a spick and span inside-out. No matter using ITouch automatic car wash machine or new Choice car hand wash model, both can give you 360 all around detailing cleaning touch, a genuine touchless wash. Using professional grade pH neutral bubble bath and nano rinse aids can give you a faultlessly clean and protective coating after wash. Final touchup with microfiber cloth for perfection.

The Aroma Interior Trio is the ultimate car cleaning, disinfection, and odor control car care service. The 1st procedure is using professional grade interior cleaner to remove oxidized and stubborn stains on car interior material surfaces like upholstery, plastic, wood, leather and metallic surfaces. The 2 nd procedure is using ozone generating system to kill bacteria and eliminating its associated odor. The 3 rd procedure is using government approved OG Disinfectant and Sanitizer for final disinfection and sanitization. The combining three procedures can assure a germ free and clean car interior. Aromatic Interior Trio is a service needed to carry out on regular basis, especially on flu epidemic seasons.

Diamond Guard adopts latest crystallized fluidic Nano coating technology. Nano polymer filling technology is used to replace the traditional polishing methods to cover up the microscratch marks on car paint rather than cutting up the clear coat, making no damage to the original car paint, resulting in a durable and ultra-shiny 9H hardness stretchable protective coating, very different from traditional coating which only gives hardness but no flexibility. It’s colour reflecting capability, showing true colour of paint as original showroom after coating.

As a new replacement of traditional solvent based polymer system in the auto-detailing business, adopts crystallized fluidic nano polymer technology. A layer of organic nano polymer layer on top of Diamond Guard giving a super durable long lasting protective layer. Strong anti-oxidation, anti-dirt, water repellent characteristics with self-healing capability resulting in a breath-taking beauty appearance after application.