The New Texas Symphony Orchestra (NTSO) is the Premier Community Orchestra of Dallas. Located in proximity to the vibrant Dallas Performing Arts district, this civic orchestra provides both performers and audiences inspired opportunities to play and enjoy great symphonic music.

The orchestra is led by Conductor and Artistic Director Kathryn D. “Cathy” Brown, who is the founder of the NTSO and who has been active in the local performing arts community for years.

We are an all-volunteer, non-profit performing arts group. We have stepped out on the stage of the Dallas music community as a newly incorporated entity and 501(c)(3) accredited organization. Without the contributions of our many supporters, patrons and players alike, the music of the NTSO would not be heard. This is your opportunity to help us make a noise in the Dallas music community! Become a donor to the New Texas Symphony Orchestra through the NTSO CRESCENDO Capital Campaign.

Please help us make our music be heard by sending a secured credit card payment through this website or mailing you donation to:

The New Texas Symphony Orchestra
Sammons Center for the Arts
3630 Harry Hines Boulevard #35
Dallas, TX 75219-3201
Mission and Vision

The mission of the NTSO is to enrich the greater Dallas communities. We offer inspiration and entertainment by connecting the patrons of North Texas with live symphonic music.

The vision of the NTSO is to perform dynamic music that inspires and educates the community at large while nurturing the musicianship of the orchestra players.
Core Values

We are committed to:

   Sharing the joy of live performance between players and audience;
   Performing a variety of quality music with excellence;
   Fostering a sense of pride in musical and personal contributions and accomplishments through maintaining and improving our musicianship;
   Empowering our players by providing an atmosphere where musical growth is encouraged;
   Promoting ideals of amateur music making as adults, thereby inspiring a place to have fun and enjoy an escape from the routines of modern life.

Symphony Performances

The NTSO plays  four season concerts per year, including our annual youth concert, along with several additional non-season performances. Our primary concert hall is now the Dallas City Performance Hall.

Dallas City Performance Hall is a city-managed, publicly-funded theater designed to provide a home in the Dallas Arts District for the City’s emerging and mid-size performing arts and cultural organizations.

Other venues in which we have been privileged to play include Hamon Hall adjacent to the Winspear Opera House, Meyerson Symphony Center and Southern Methodist University’s Caruth Auditorium.