Nuaxon Bioscience is an amazing company, with a very unique story that is worth telling. Take a moment to read more about how we do business and let us know what you think. We currently offer a line of finished product under the Intelligence Tree Botanticals brand, which begin with two products formulated for maintaining healthy natural brain function.

 NuroFocus is to help maintain a healthy and normal level of focus and attention.
 NuMemory+ is to help improve and expand memory and recall.

Patented & Researched Ingredients
Both products contain a branded ingredient called NuroLight that has clinical studies to show that it improves memory, focus and attention while reducing hyperactivity. As a side effect the study showed a substantial increase in IQ for participants. The patent documents for this are listed on google patents under our sister company in India (Nisarga Biotech). We have two US patents on the primary ingredient blend (NuroLight) ... these patents can be seen on Google patents online US8394429 & US8110229 these patent documents show the full results of the placebo controlled double blind phase one and phase two human clinical trials that we had performed on the blend (in the studies we call it Capsule C and the patent holder is Nisarga Biotech).

Powerful Extraction Technology
We start with organic herbs grown on ECO-CERT, certified farm land in India ... that are extracted using a powerful chemical free CO2 extraction process and combined using formulations from a 3rd generation Ayurvedic physician. CO2 or supercritical extraction is an environmentally safe way to extract herbs without the use of harsh chemicals or damaging waste. It uses CO2 (the gas that plants turn into oxygen) to gently remove the powerful compounds found within the herbs.

Organic Farming
Our operation is truly sustainable, not only do we grow herbs and spices on our own certified organic farm but we have organized and educated the farmers all around us on organic and sustainable practices. The Nisarga Biotech Group has even paid the fees associated with getting the certification, this is an expense the farmers in that area could never have afforded on their own. We have also contracted with these farmers to grow and supply us with the herbs and spices necessary to maintain our supplies even through massive growth. In this way we have full control of our products from soil to shelf, and everyone in the supply chain makes a fair profit for their efforts, while we work hard to minimize any negative environmental impact.

Beyond Fair Trade
The Nisarga Biotech Group is certified by IMOswiss AG, under the Fair for Life program. Fair for Life goes beyond traditional fair trade by applying fair trade principles also to relevant domestic or regional trade and by requiring ethical working conditions along the entire trade chain. Fair for Life certified products are only handled by companies that demonstrate decent working conditions for all their staff. Fair for Life brand holder companies commit to fair sourcing practices and responsibilities towards their primary producers down the commodity chain. Fair for Life certification of products also confirms traceability of all certified products from production to sales.