Numbersales has been operational for over 10 years and are one of the very few Phone number and service providers in the UK to be wholly Independent.

Determined to achieve high results for our clients and aiming for a superior level of service. We promise to be the best value in the communications market place. We will never compromise on quality and reliability.

We hold direct contractual relationships with leading Tier One Telecoms carriers, and fully authorised by BT Wholesale with Openreach 'WLR 2' status. Our carriers include: Opal Telecom, Colt Telecom, Spitfire Technology, Kingston Communications, Cable and Wireless and of Course BT! With such experience at our disposal, any client of ours wanting technology that meets 21st century standards will never be disappointed.

We are able to provide an impartial and unbiased assessment of all your Communications needs, both voice and data. By utilising the purchasing power of the carriers, we are also able to deliver extremely cost effective prices when tendering for systems, such as Avaya, Cisco, Maintel and Panasonic etc.

Fair and un-biased is the way forward!

Choice of numbers:

0800 Freephone
0845 Numbers
0844 Numbers
0843 Numbers
0870 Numbers
01 & 02 Numbers
0203 Numbers
0207 Numbers
03 UK Numbers

and of course every UK STD code.

We can source any number available, and get it connected and working within 24 hours.

If you choose us, we can provide a number of useful services on the lines to suit your individual Telecom needs:

Call Statistics
This allows you to see the total number of calls, the times and durations, and the callers ID for any custom dates.

Missed Call Alerts
Receive an email evertime you miss a call, giving the time/date of the call and the callers number.

Voicemail to email
Unanswered calls go to voicemail which is delivered to you by as a sound file by email.

Fax To Email
Allows your faxes to be received as email attachments, which can then be viewed and stored easily on your PC or Mac. Users will never hear a busy tone.

Call Intro
Callers to the service will hear an initial introduction/welcome message as soon as they dial your number. Calls will then proceed to the next step of the service.

Call Whisper
Designed to make you aware of the type of call you are about to receive. This is whipered to you through your telephone earpiece just before the call is answered. If you work from home, you can distinguish between private and business calls.

Time of Day/Week Plan
Take control of where you receive calls, depending on what time of day it is e.g. Office hours, out of hours, evenings and weekends.

Virtual Receptionist
Callers hear an audio message giving out a series of options to select from by using their telephone keypad, for a specific department. e.g Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for accounts etc.

Divert on no answer or busy Plan
NumberSales Divert Plan is a call solution that diverts incoming calls to a secondary target number if the primary number is busy or unanswered after a set time period. Up to three different target numbers can be set to receive calls. Each of the virtual receptionist options will have its own individual divert plan.

Call Queuing
Incoming calls are queued if your lines are busy and will never hear an engaged tone. Callers are played music whilst on hold, from our range of stock music, which you can select from. Callers are told periodically how long the queue is.

Call Recording
No disputes over who said what - the whole call is recorded and sent to you as a sound file via email. No need for any expensive equipment. All recordings are sent immediately by email, or can be stored online.

Zone Plan
Zone plan allows you to nationally advertise one number for your business, and have callers directed instantly to your nearest branch office or site, or to the location of your choice.

If you are interested in developing an IVR application, please call us 0844 8118 333 for immediate assistance.