Hong Kong e-commerce start-up  ‘Nup Living’ (www.nupliving.com) built around the philosophy of ‘every bit of help counts’ when it comes to plastic pollution. The plastic problem is real and one way to empower ordinary people to play a part in a solution is by making it easy for consumers to choose NOT to buy plastic
Nup’s flagship product a quirky Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush, the first of it’s kind to have an engraved replacement indicator, so you’ll know which month you should replace your old tooth brush. It’s fully engraved on both front and back with visual nature images and words that allows users to instantly tell which one is yours, without a doubt.
Co-founders, Barry and Faye were happy to receive very positive feedback on the quality and design from early customers. But, they were pleasantly surprised to experience an influx of interest from people around the world who wanted to resell the product in their local communities.
‘What drives individuals to reach out to us to resell is primarily because they want to reduce plastic waste in their communities. Replacing a common everyday item such as a toothbrush seems like an easy sell to like-minded individuals. Also, the presence of social media makes it easy for them to spread their message and reach their target. Our message has also become their message, and we welcome that entirely.’
In a matter of 3 months since its launch, Nup has responded to at least 15 inquiries to date and have successfully partnered with passionate entrepreneurs outside of the USA (where its warehouse is located) such as Brazil, Maldives, Lebanon, Australia, Trinidad and in discussion with potential partners in New Zealand, Spain, Myanmar.
‘Nup’ is a playful way to say ‘No’ to inaction by taking matters of plastic waste into our own hands as consumer and choosing not to buy plastic.
Nup believes that when more of us consciously decide to buy less plastic:
We produce less plastic waste
We create a real demand for alternatives and solutions
We challenge the current ways of manufacturing what we need to survive
An English journalist once said: 'Only we humans make waste that nature can't digest'
Currently, Nup Toothbrushes are available globally and offers free shipping to the USA and the rest of the world for purchases above $40 through their website www.nupliving.com. For anyone interested in becoming a reseller, drop us a note at support@nupliving.com. Get started at wholesale prices for as little as 12 packs of 4 toothbrushes.