Nurture Projects Music Publishers is a small independent music label formed in 2005 that specialises in Reggae with some soul and pop genres. The team is formed with Juliet Edwards, General Manager, songwriter and Clinark, singer, songwriter and producer. They are based in London, England.

Clinark, (born Clinarke Dill) is a solo Reggae and R&B singer, songwriter, musician and producer. He was born on the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda in the North Atlantic Ocean. Dill is an accomplished artist he sang in 3 Bermuda. .He briefly sang under the name of 'Dill-in-Jah' for his début solo single 'Dem Come'(2004) (Dread Unity Label).  


• Zimbabwe." (2020)
• "Running Away With It - Liverpool." .(2020).
• "No Woman No Cry." (2019).
• Angel Eyes Remix."  (2018).
• "Champions of Europe Liverpool",(2018).
• "Maybe Tomorrow"  ("2018).
• "Happy Birthday MJ" (2014)
• “Babylon City' (2012)
• “No More War.” (2014)
• “I’ll Be There” (2009)
• “Smile”(2009)
• "Yes it’s Christmas (2012)
• "Give a Love on Christmas Day (2014)

•     “Clinark Live in Holland” (2006).
•     “Journey to Foreign“(2008).
•     “Tribute to Michael Jackson – a Legend and a Warrior”2010).
•     “Journey to Foreign with Dubs – Deluxe Edition “(2011).
•     “They Don’t Care About Us - A Tribute to Michael Jackson “(Remix)”
•     “The Solution” (2015).(EP).

Nominations & Accolades.
•     Clinark collaborated with Maxi Priest with the song “Better Tomorrow” receiving a nomination as “Song of the Year” (2009).
•     A Tribute to Michael Jackson - A Legend and a Warrior” This album was nominated for British Reggae Industry Awards (BRIA) (2011).
•     Journey to Foreign Deluxe Edition Album was nominated for British Reggae Industry Awards (BRIA) (2011).