Nutri-Link is a database available to pharmacies integrated into the existing software to screen prescription medications for interaction with or depletion of essential nutrients.

Nutri-Link has been integrated into to existing pharmacy software to screen medications for:
-Potential Drug/Nutrient Depletion
-Possible Interactions with Herbs & Natural Products
-Nutritional Considerations that Affect the Indications of Medications

68% of prescriptions filled interact with, or deplete, nutrients important to your health. Is your pharmacy doing all they can to provide you with information to safeguard your health and reduce health care cost?
Nutri-Link is an extensive database of scientifically validated information integrated into pharmacy computer systems - no additional hardware or software is required. It provides the pharmacist with a printout delivered in easily understood language. Nutri-Link can provide you with data on the most prescribed medications in use today. The Nutri-Link program also provides references for each recommendation, should your physicians require more information.