Nutritics has developed a nutrition platform that provides dietitians, sports scientists, nutritionists and food service operators with the tools to facilitate in-depth dietary assessment, meal plan creation and recipe analysis. Nutritics unique approach to nutrition analysis enables the implementation of effective, evidence based interventions. The Company offers four products:

- Nutritics Professional – Used by dietitians and nutrition professionals to assess patient’s dietary intake and for meal planning based on specific clinical conditions (e.g. diabetes)

- Nutritics Education – Used by University students and Researchers for educational purposes and large research projects (e.g. population nutrition assessments)

- Nutritics Performance – Used by sports scientists and nutritionists for athlete meal planning, primarily to assess intake and expenditure around events (e.g. match, competition)

- Nutritics Insight – Used by chefs and foodservice operators to analyse the nutrition, allergens and costings of recipes.