NUVIA Dynamics Inc. is a leader in Airborne Geophysical Surveys and the development of turnkey Geophysical & Radiation Monitoring Instrumentation for precise magnetic and radiation measurements on airborne, ground and vehicular platforms.

Applications include mineral and oil and gas exploration as well nuclear industry-related solutions for detection of man-made and natural radioactive hazards.

NUVIA Dynamics’ Airborne Geophysical Surveys feature the company’s proprietary NuTEM Helicopter EM system as well as NUVIA Dynamics Magnetics and Radiometrics surveys. With the system fully tested at key test facilities as well as with major mining groups, NUVIA Dyamics delivers solutions that focus on intermediate depth targets.

For instrumentation, we look back on a 30 year development history with all design and development performed in-house by trained engineers and geophysicists. Based in Toronto, Canada the company has installed systems for government and private sector clients.