Nvirocom's platform for telecommunication networking and services provides a whole new window of opportunity for businesses and the general public alike. Today's technology driven society demands turn key solutions and professionalism in all areas of this highly technical environment. Nvirocom's forward looking attitude offers a complete modern up to date solution for all telephony needs.

All of Nvirocom's corporate employees constantly strive to provide a quality service of the highest standards. They work closely and diligently with customers at all times ensuring a quick professional response to creating the most relevant and comprehensive telecommunications package tailored specifically for client's needs.

Nvirocom maintains a highly competitive low cost quality service, providing all the benefits of our expertise to all of our clients all of the time.

Everybody within Nvirocom is proud to participate in our efforts to sustain the environment by keeping a keen eye on our carbon foot print, along with that of our customers, and with the pro active attitude the company is achieving all of it's corporate and environmental goals.

Since the United Kingdom division of Nvirocom Limited commenced business in March 2011the company now finds itself poised to make a very significant move within the telecoms industry, realising the company's aim to become a major player in their sector of the telecoms market.

Milestones to date.

Nvirocom: Has secured License to commence telecom operations in Cameroon, 4th January 2012.

Nvirocom: Has 3 fully operational Telecom gateways in Africa.

Nvirocom: Has 7 further telecom gateways under construction and due to come operational end Q1 2012
Nvirocom: Has secured private equity finance via an E.I.S Inland Revenue approved investment scheme.
Operated by White &Company Limited, Tax advisers. Business Consultants and Finance Specialists. As a result of this Nvirocom has the opportunity to further expand their already very lucrative business.

Stay in touch with Nvirocom Ltd. Become an E.I.S Approved Investor for further information contact our Public Relations Officer at info@nvirocom.com or White and company on info@whiteandcompanyltd.com