NVISO is a Swiss-based fintech company providing software that detects human emotions from facial micro-expressions and interprets thinking styles,

What does NVISO do? From innovative fintech solutions, smarter patient diagnostics, to intelligent personal assistants for consumer-facing industries, NVISO is creating new ways to advance human potential using artificial intelligence. Imagine asking a patient who cannot speak to describe her pain and instantly reading her silent answer with exceptional insight. NVISO is transforming the way we live our lives.

As industry-pioneers in facial recognition, behavioral and visual intelligence analysis, NVISO’s transformational technology for cloud, mobile, and embedded applications reveal the interplay between emotions, experience and decisions.

NVISO fintech solution is an engaging personal experience for investors to better understand how they feel around important financial decision and provides enriched customer profile to allow advisors to build better relationships with their clients and act in their best interest. The target audience for the product is the finance industry with focus on financial advisors.

·       Product information: https://nviso.ai/en/insights-advise

·       Product demo: https://www.emotionadvisor.com