Our objective is to offer services to help Clients with interview preparation, career guidance, resume writing assistance and develop tools and strategies to show successes and achievements, feel confident about sharing knowledge, and take action toward your career development. You may have excellent credentials, experience, knowledge and skills that have got your through the door for that first interview. You need to take that opportunity to WOW the decision makers.

Our Lead Career consultant, has 15 years of experience in Recruitment, Human Resources and providing Career and Professional Development coaching at Fortune 500 companies. She has a Master’s degree from Columbia University and has done thousands of interviews and spent a significant part of her career focused on professional development. She has extensive experience coaching individuals toward achieving their career and earnings goals through mock interviews, effective resume writing techniques, personal development plans to close skill gaps, negotiating strategies, honest feedback and coaching sessions. We want interview answers and interview tips but it’s important to be prepared for the entire job search process from how we market ourselves on our resume to how we handle the initial communication and all aspects of the interview and follow up.

Resume Writing Services

In this competitive marketplace, your Resume is what sets you apart and gets the attention of the Decision Makers. Your Resume is a critical Marketing tool to show your knowledge, skills, experience and your unique personality. It’s generally the first impression a future employer has of you. Keep in mind, You are the Product your resume is selling.

Mock Interviews

Interview Preparation, Practice and confidence in interview skills are critical to Nailing the Interview. Our focus is to provide

Interview tips to help you tackle tough questions
Communicate your measurable results
Go beyond good interview answers
Feel more confident and prepared about the interview process from when you first get the call for the interview to your follow up after the interview