Our company NZ Cyber Tek is a computer software and hardware developer company in New Zealand. NZ Cyber Tek specializes in producing custom built Unix operating systems.

Our newly launched big product is called spoonITnz. spoonITnz is an internet services community web portal. At spoonITnz internet users can use the searchIT search directory, share their favourite bookmarks at faveIT, upload and listen to music at spoonITup, read and share New Zealand travel experiences at GO, post their fundraising cause at fundIT, get work-online jobs at earnIT, keep up to date with news at spoonFED, and at sMail users can have their own spoonITnz hosted email.

As a community web portal spoonITnz aims to provide New Zealand internet users with all of the services they would need on an average day, and NZ Cyber Tek offers all of these services ad-free.

The web portal services of spoonITnz include:

* searchIT – A powerful web directory in which users can search the directory as well as add new websites.
* faveIT – faveIT is a social bookmarking application that users can use to share their  
favourite bookmarks with their friends and the public.
* spoonITup – spoonITup is a shared public playlist. Users can upload their favourite    songs to the player for all users to enjoy.
*  GO! – New Zealand is an amazing country for outdoor activities and adventure holidays. Because of this we have GO! Providing user submitted content about the New Zealand travel experiences. GO! is a New Zealand Travel Diary.
*  fundIT – Around the world many countries host crowd-funding platforms and they are popular. fundIT is New Zealand’s crowd-funding platform with a focus only on human needs rather than projects.
*  earnIT – earnIT is a public job board. The team at NZ Cyber Tek search for, and test online work positions and if the job proves worthy of doing the details and link to the application is posted at earnIT.
*  spoonFED – spoonFED is a news page. It includes International News, Local News, and some NZ Cyber Tek own personal humour based news.
*  sMail – sMail is a spoonITnz hosted New Zealand domain specific email package. Users can get a free .co.nz email name with unlimited disk space.

NZ Cyber Tek launched spoonITnz with the following information:

*       Own .com domain name – www.spoonitnz.com
*       Own .co.nz domain name – www.spoonit.co.nz
*       Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Spoonitnz