O2 Spa is only leading "Premium Class" airport spa chain in existence. We have transformed a first class upscale Five Star hotel spa concept in to a successful airport spa wonderland. This has turned out as a perfect gift for passengers who are on- the-go. Our spas are designed to encourage tranquillity and well-being. We use warm earth tones of wenge & beige, world class leather seating, wooden floors, gentle indirect lighting and soothing background music to create a relaxing environment that attracts both men and women.

Additionally, O2 Spa has developed numerous innovative spa practices that enhance the airport spa experience. We are very proud to have revolutionized the way to operate a spa, while having created the most relaxing destination in the airport. In the past couple of years, O2 Spa single-handedly transformed Indian airport concessions by turning spas into a must-have for any major airport. With dwell times constantly on the rise, O2 Spa drastically improves the travel experience, and travellers now expect there to be an O2 Spa in the airport.

In addition to the airport spas, O2 Spas being built as a perfect blend of Thai concepts with Indian elements will be opening up in five star hotels, resorts and premium malls in our quest to service the premium class spa market .

In the modern traveller's quest for a human dimension in a hectic schedule, the spa - separately or as part of a resort or hotel - is becoming a must pampering spa experience that highlights a healthy, natural and extremely enjoyable rejuvenation. Whether it is an express spa & Salon with a selected few treatments or a complex set-up with exotic features and a wide array of spa services, O2 Spa has a complete solution for any airport or a hospitality organisation. With in-house design, training, product development, marketing and management capabilities, O2 Spa can offer individual solutions from green field projects to complete spa management of existing facilities.