O’actually believes that a celebration of women’s sexual pleasure and genuine female orgasms will help heal the world.

A longtime advocate of victims and survivors of sexual violence, Kit Murray Maloney founded O’actually out of a belief that a celebration of pleasure will have an impact against violence.

She says, “Allowing women to thrive and grow is incredibly important to me.  When women are attuned to their bodies and receiving pleasure, the world is a better place.  Women are happier, more engaged and fulfilled and doing better work in the world.”

As an undergraduate campus leader at The Colorado College, Kit spearheaded student organizations that addressed issues of sexual violence on campus. She wrote her senior thesis on the best practices for preventing and reacting to sexual assault on college campuses.  

Kit then went on to receive a Masters in Gender and Social Policy from The London School of Economics. Her dissertation analyzed issues of gender embodiment in the differences between the anti-rape movement and the movement to end domestic violence.

After having stepped away from working on gender equity to better hone her business acumen with London based companies, Kit desired to reconnect with her life-long passion of making the world a better place for women. This time, rather than a focus on violence, she decided to root everything in pleasure. O’actually was born.

O’actually now has a small but thriving team of hard working and passionate women and an Advisory Board compiled of industry, business, and technology experts.  

The company is launching their first O’actually Festival this spring and summer. The festival will be a celebration of sexually stimulating film, visual arts, and literature that focus on women’s sexual pleasure. Submissions will be accepted from May 1st - June 30th. Winning submissions will be awarded cash prizes, up to $1000. To learn more about Kit, O’actually, and the O’actually Festival please check out www.oactually.com